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After accumulating approximately 13 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing field in the International Markets, working with various IT brands, Imthyaz felt a strong desire to return to India and establish himself there. Motivated by this aspiration, he took a leap of faith and started his own real estate company.

However, his journey didn't end there.

Imthyaz's path led him to discover the intriguing realm of occult sciences, delving into ancient knowledge that fascinated him.

Imthyaz's journey into the occult sciences began with his exploration of energy healing modalities. Over the years, he immersed himself in studying a wide range of subjects, including Earth Energies, Earth Meridians, Cosmic Intelligence, Hartmann and Curry Grids, Elemental Science (Tattva Shastra), Marmasthans for both humans and buildings (Structure Meridians), Vastu Shastra, and Nameology with Numerology.

Such dedication to learning led him to earn the esteemed title of "Vaastu Acharya" from his revered teacher and guru.

Imthyaz's expertise extends beyond physical healing techniques. He has also delved into the realm of the mind, utilizing transformative methods such as Age Regression and Life Regression Therapies, Spirit and Entity Release, as well as various mind dynamics aimed at healing traumas at the soul level.​Currently, Imthyaz is on the verge of completing his Post Graduation in Trans-Personal, Inter-Dimensional, and Para-Normal Healing. His work involves utilizing scientific and professional modalities to clear spirits, possessions, and negative entities. With a holistic approach, he addresses the body, mind, and spirit at various levels.​

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