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Are you struggling with negative psychological experiences or any other mind-related issues without any known clinical reason?

If so, we as a mind therapist who specializes in healing from these problems may be able to help.

We use various therapeutic techniques to help clients overcome their mental health issues and regain control over their lives.

With a deep understanding of the spiritual and psychological dimensions of mental health, as a therapist we provide a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. If you're ready to take the first step towards healing your mind, consider reaching out to us since we professionally specialize in these domains

This will be a unique and empowering session designed to explore the depths of your consciousness and uncover the roots of unresolved emotions.

As you navigate the recesses of your subconscious mind through this introspective exploration, many individuals have found profound healing, gaining clarity and a sense of peace that extends into their current lives.

Past Life Regression Therapy offers a safe and guided space for you to revisit past experiences, understand their influence on your present, and release any lingering traumas.

Believe in the transformative power of this healing therapy and Transform your life to enhance your soul journey.

Now is the time to give yourself

A Better New Life!

Do you ever feel that. . . ​​

    • You need to uncover your deeper purpose in life?

    • Something in your life or environment needs a positive shift?

    • You're struggling with religious or cultural identity concerns?

    • Your relationships are frequently troubled?

    • Bad luck or negative energy constantly surrounds you?

    • Someone or something is watching or influencing you?

    • Ancestral patterns or past events hold you back?

    • You're not being your true self?

    • There's an inner imbalance that needs healing?

    • You're unable to reach your full potential?

    • Distraction and feeling lost hold you back?

    • Unexplained anxiety, depression, or lethargy affect you?

    • You struggle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Then Read on!

"The life that we are living today is a result of many different themes and resolutions that we have made to our self from different dimensions and experiences"​.

Every one of us on this planet and this multiverse; belong to one Source, One Point. ​

We started drifting away from the source and have lived in various forms with different experiences, roles and various responsibilities. Some of us have lived in different dimensions or frequency planes.​

We have lived thru different ancestors, time zones and various cultures.​

We may also have lived some lives with Doctrines, Pain or unwanted experiences. Sometimes there are chances of us having lived a life of total agony or helplessness.

The Subconscious keeps irritating you to heal this memory. ​In one of your many past lives; you may have lived a life of a Spiritual Guru with all the Spiritual knowledge and that life keeps haunting and confusing you in this current life, with an understanding of a Materialistic and Corporate life.​ You may have also lived the life of a Royal, a Scientist or a Businessman or a Sculptor.​

These memories haunt us to utilize that life, that talent and that knowledge in this life.​

Sometimes we may not be aware that we have ceased to live that life. ​

When the above life is visited, touched and healed, there comes a difference into this life. You start getting healed and revealed from that bondage of memories, Your Body starts responding better and wiser.

"the process of bringing a patient from a point of despair to one of realistic hope seems magical

– impossible to understand"

During critical moments or shocking incidents in our life, at the subconscious level, we create blocks and hurdles like a self defeating conclusion or in order to please the inner self; eventually to punish or teach others a lesson and end up innocently jeopardizing our own life.​

Many of our life incidents including family, health or wealth is registered and blocked in our subconscious mind to hurt others as a revenge for something that they did to us somewhere in the past. We may also have had a wrong assumption or judgement regarding a life event like marriage, child birth, money, health or wealth.

These are unbelievable!!!, but upon visiting those moments and scanning we find connections to such incidents.​

At some point in the past, we may have made some emotional promises or a vow to self or loved ones, which may have become a blockade at this point in time. It may be an oath or pledge. There is also a possibility of being cursed. De-energizing and neutralizing these emotions brings drastic changes and fruitful results in present life.​

Every thought and every decision taken goes against a desired choice. Feeling lethargic, Indecisive or procrastinating is one of the symptoms in such cases.​

Sometimes we may be living in a Karmic Loop which is registered in our Soul program. This needs to be repaired and undone to Neutrality.​

Some critically bad experiences register as a fear or Phobia in our minds. These memories alter our current behaviour or reaction to situations in this life. It is very important to identify these foreign energies and eliminate them from our body, mind and soul.

"We have a life of our choice,

a life that we desire"

Let’s live that life!

What to expect after a Past Life Regression Session?​

  • Improvement in Personal Charisma, Life, Wisdom, Status, Profession, Talent or Business

  • Improvement in Domestic and Professional Relationships

  • A very charged personality with Enthusiasm and Rejuvenation

  • Manifest that important event in life like Love, Relationship, Marriage, Child Birth, Promotion in Career

  • Improvement in Studies or Sports, Etc.

  • Overcome Eating Disorders or any detrimental habits like Nail Biting, bed-wetting, etc

  • Eradication of Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Bipolar, PTSD, Fear or Phobia

  • Better and more balanced health, improvement in immunity.

  • Increased energy and focus, combat illness.

  • A balanced new life of better understanding with Happiness and Joy

  • Relieve from aches and pains from past Accidents or Trauma.

  • Improve problem-solving abilities, and boost motivation and productivity.

  • Release your self from Ancestral Curses, Family Bonds, Etc

  • Release from Karmic Debts from Past Lives

Find clarity, resolve inner conflicts, and break free from limiting patterns. Contact me for a personalized therapy session.

No matter which part of this planet you are today, Book a personal session to design your new soul plan to a write a new life and live a life of your choice