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''Balance your space

to bring the best out of you.

Harness the true potential

of what you really deserve"

Vāstu Śāstra – the ancient science of architecture

meticulously crafted on scientific principles

Derived from the Sanskrit words "vāstu," meaning dwelling or habitat, and "śāstra," denoting knowledge or teachings, Vāstu Śāstra intricately weaves together rules and principles of design, layout, measurement, and spatial geometry to create harmonious living spaces.

Vastu Shastra considers how a building aligns with the Earth's magnetic field and evaluates the best positions for doors out of 32 different points. It also looks at over 1024 energy fields within the building. The colors, furniture, and objects in the house affect the well-being of the people living there in different domains of life.

At its core, Vāstu Śāstra seeks to harmonize human habitats with nature while optimizing the functionality of each architectural element. Drawing upon ancient beliefs and utilizing geometric patterns such as yantras, symmetry, and directional alignments, this science aims to not only enhance the physical structure but also to positively influence the human psyche.

By adhering to the principles of Vāstu Śāstra, we can manifest a myriad of positive outcomes in our lives. Whether it's our homes, offices, factories, or any other built environment, the alignment with Vāstu principles ensures that we harness the beneficial energies of our surroundings, promoting prosperity, well-being, and overall positivity.

Unlock the potential of your living and working spaces with Vāstu Śāstra, and witness the transformative power of ancient wisdom combined with modern science.

We use a scientific process to analyze for any imbalance or negativity in your living space. It works by balancing five elements of nature– Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space to align with your Sub-Conscious mind as Body Mind and Soul.

We know that every problem comes with a solution. We understand from you the concerns and suggest simple solutions to get your life back on track.

Bring the zeal in life:

Simple changes in the form of symbols, colors, lights, sculptures, etc., will make a difference in your life. You know you should take some healthy decisions but do not know where or how to start. Happily for all of us, health and happiness is just a few steps away, thanks to simple corrective remedies. You need to cleanse your mind and body. By returning your energies to their proper functional levels, soon you will observe a quantum leap in mental agility, physical strength, energy and confidence.

There are various earth energies and the five elements (fire, water, earth, air and space) that determine the shape and quality of your life. These constitute your house or office and if these zones are balanced, you will be happy in all respects.

Soul Arkitect - Balancing energies for success and peaceBalance yourself and choose your life and model your house accordingly, based on verified concepts, in today’s fast paced life, it has all the mantras to attract money, love and happiness.

Space Alchemist Imthyaz A C reveals ancient “LIFE SUCCESS” secrets.
Imthyaz says remedies works as a vehicle, making the route to reach the destination safely in optimum time. We program your outer space to use your inner space to work perfectly. This holds good for business and offices of all sizes, especially where your income, livelihood and prosperity are bound together. You will succeed along with others you employ, if your business does well.

"SOUL ARKITECT is an alchemy of the living space with architectural science and harnessing the laws of Nature to align with the subconscious and bio-magnetic fields of earth"

Our techniques can be used to reach many goals in our lives:•

  • Revive stuck projects or factories

  • Recovering blocked funds

  • Increasing sales

  • Ensuring positive health and well-being

  • Creating meaningful relationships based on love and affection

  • Recovering blocked funds

  • Increasing sales Revenue

  • Ensuring positive health and well-being

  • Creating meaningful relationships based on love and affection

  • Increase fame, personal influence on your own destiny

  • Get good business support from banks as loans

If your problem stays persistent then there is a reason and it builds up into a stressful or unhappy life. Business or relationships can get affected and it eventually eats up the joy in life.​

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